Dear GSV-members, On the 16th of February, we want to celebrate the loveliest Catholic holiday with you: Carnaval! You will be expected at El Sombrero at (?) , where we got some great deals for you: - Beer and soft drinks for €2.50 - Wine for €3.20 - Jägermeister for €2.00 - And for the …

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SportCo vrije activiteit

Gooooddddayyy dear GSV´ers!! Have you always been good with balls or would you like to improve this skill? Then come to the SportCo activity on Thursday 23 February, where we will play pool! For two hours we will bounce balls against each other. The activity starts at 19:00 and will last until 21:00. Register quickly, …

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- This event is in Dutch - Beste GSV'ers- Op dinsdag 28 februari zal de jaarlijkse editie van het scriptie symposium weer plaatsvinden in GR -1.075. Op deze avond zullen een aantal studenten hun scriptie presenteren aan het publiek. Het symposium zal van start gaan om 18.30 en er is een inloop vanaf 18.15. De …

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Febo Themafeest

De Regenboog Van Welderenstraat 65, Nijmegen, Gelderland, Nederland

Dear GSV-Members, On the 8th of March, there will be a GSV Friends Party! No, it isn’t themed after the show ‘Friends’ (unfortunately), but it means you can invite your friends who aren’t GSV-Members to enjoy a party with us! You will be expected at the Regenboog at 9 PM, there you will be able …

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vrije activiteit EJCO

Dear First years, The exams are coming up again, which brings with it the necessary stress. To get through this tough period, relaxation is of course super important! That is why the EjCo is organising a games afternoon! The games afternoon will take place on 14 March, from 13.00 (super convenient after lectures!!), in park …

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- Nederlands na Engels - Dear GSV'ers, The tradition continues! On Thursday, March 16, the next beer pong tournament will be organized in the Professor at 8:00 PM.🏓🍻 Which team will win this year? Do you think your team can win, register quickly for a nice prize!!!🏆 You can register in teams of 3 to …

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