Radboud Universiteit

Grab your buckets with popcorn, because the EdLeCo is organising another movie lecture on Tuesday the 18th of October. This time, PhD-candidate Paul Reef picked out a movie for us, which will be a secret for now, but it will be all about Russia during the 90s. A very hot topic! The movie will be …

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Beachvolleybal Tournament

Radboud Universiteit

Has the stress from the new college year already struck you? Or where you in the club al week and are those litres of beer feeling a bit unhealthy? We got you! The SportCo organizes a beachvolleyball tournament on the 20th of September to relief you from all your stress and last bits of alcohol. …

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Pride lunch lecture

Radboud Universiteit

June is pride month! Therefore the Education and Lecture committee is organizing a special pride lunch lecture on Thursday the 28th of June. While you enjoy your free lunch, you can for about an hour listen to a lecture that fits the theme! So make sure you sign up and join us at 12:00 AM …

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Tweedejaars Ouderdag

Radboud Universiteit

Beste tweedejaars! De vorige ouderdag kon wegens Corona helaas niet door gaan, maar de Tweedejaarscommissie organiseert een nieuwe ouderdag op dinsdag 31 mei! Dus geef de datum alvast door zodat je ouders deze vrij kunnen houden. Verdere informatie volgt later!!