Early Modern Movie Night

Theaterzaal C, Elinor Ostromgebouw Heyendaalseweg 141, Nijmegen, Gelderland

Hi everyone! After the succes of the previous Early Modern Movie Night, we think it's high time for a new edition! This time around, Esther Baakman will be telling us a bit about a movie that takes place during the Early Modern Period. The movie night will commence at 19:00hrs on Tuesday 7 June, at …

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Teacher bites dog

Dear GSV'ers, after the success of last year, there will be a new edition of 'Docent bijt hond' in June, this year called 'Teacher bites dog' because it is in English! The committee has interviewed a number of teachers and asked them often strange questions (would you rather participate in Great British Bake Off or …

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The Beer Olympics

To be announced later

You've had more than two years to improve your skills: this is the time to show them off... The SportCo is back with nothing less than the Beer Olympics! Assemble your team and compete for the coveted title of greatest player on Thursday, June 9th! Yes we're there early, but make sure you are too …

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Beppie Craft Beer Borrel

Café Camelot Grote Markt 37, Nijmegen

"Ik zeg HOI ALLEMAOL", the board invites you to join the very last 'board borrel' (you can cry) next week on the 16th of June! And what better way to end this year than with the borrel you've all been waiting for, namely the 'Beppie Craft Beer Borrel'!!!! So make sure you'll be at the …

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Pride lunch lecture

Radboud Universiteit

June is pride month! Therefore the Education and Lecture committee is organizing a special pride lunch lecture on Thursday the 28th of June. While you enjoy your free lunch, you can for about an hour listen to a lecture that fits the theme! So make sure you sign up and join us at 12:00 AM …

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Open access party

De Regenboog Van Welderenstraat 65, Nijmegen, Gelderland

Hello dears! Thursday June 30th the FeBo is organizing a Pride Party. But beware, it’s not a regular party! It’s an open party so you can bring your friends, cousins, and even your grandmother! And that during Pride Month?! Yes, during Pride Month! To end the month well, we are welcoming you at De Regenboog …

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Members Weekend

To be announced later

Dear GSV'ers, After being forced to be away for the past three years, it's finally back: the MEMBERS WEEKEND!!! Despite the fact that this year it concerns a midweek instead of a weekend, the concept of our fantastic Members Midweek has not changed! From 6 to 8 July, we will enjoy a pleasant time together, …

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Subtropical swimming activity

Aqua Mundo Hommersumseweg 43, Heijen, Limburg

Dear GSV'ers, Get ready for an evening of subtropical wild water fun, because the SportCo is taking you to Aqua Mundo at Center Parcs het Heijderbos! On July 12th, we will leave around 15:00 (more detailed information will follow) from Nijmegen station, after which the swimming party will start between 16:30 and 21:00 at Heijderbos. …

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Closing party

Stretto Molenstraat 69, Nijmegen, Gelderland

The exams are (almost) over and the summer holiday is almost here. The academic year has gone by very quickly and to celebrate the end of this year, the Febo organises a gigantic closing party. On the 13th of July, starting at 21:30 hours, you and all your fellow GSV members can have one last …

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Zwarte Cross

Park Brakkenstein Driehuizerweg 285, Nijmegen