Café Camelot Grote Markt 37, Nijmegen

Only for freshmen/Alleen voor eerstejaars! Dear, GSVers, To learn more about eachother and the city, the EjCo has organised a new activity; A Fox Hunt! Together with your team, you will go into the beautifull city of Nijmegen and hunt the foxes (who will be familiar faces) During the hunt you can earn points by …

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Radboud Universiteit

Grab your buckets with popcorn, because the EdLeCo is organising another movie lecture on Tuesday the 18th of October. This time, PhD-candidate Paul Reef picked out a movie for us, which will be a secret for now, but it will be all about Russia during the 90s. A very hot topic! The movie will be …

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Café Camelot Grote Markt 37, Nijmegen

Dear GSV'ers, Next Wednesday it is time for another board drink. This time in the Oktoberfest theme. Pull your best Dirndl or Lederhosen out of the closet and come drink mugs of beer or something else of course. It will start at 20:30 at café Camelot. Make sure you register quickly, because full = full!! …

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K3 borrel

Café Camelot Grote Markt 37, Nijmegen


Dear GSV'ers, Wednesday 9th of Novermber, there will be another sportive activity. We are going to try to kick our teachers' asses during the teachter-studentfootball! This activity will take place from 19:00-21:00h at the Sportzaal Bottendaal, Cortenaerpad 1 Nijmegen. This means that we will play indoors, so please bring the right shoes! Hurry and sign …

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Internal CoBo

De Regenboog Van Welderenstraat 65, Nijmegen, Gelderland


Café van Buren Molenstraat 89, Nijmegen, Gelderland