Who are we?

GSV Excalibur is the study association of the history program at Radboud University in Nijmegen. The Association has over 700 members for whom it organizes over a hundred activities each year. These activities range from lectures and conferences to parties, get-togethers and sports activities. Our association consists mainly of history students, but also alumni and various donors. Because GSV Excalibur is a study association we have no profit motive so we depend entirely on membership fees, donations and subsidies.

What do we have to offer?

As GSV we have a broad network within historical and scientific circles in the Netherlands. Through our diverse membership we can bring you to the attention of a large group of students and alumni.A cooperation with GSV Excalibur can be an excellent way for your company to become known to students. This not only concerns your brand awareness, but also creates clarity about your business activities with a potential group of employees or trainees. Our activities are not limited to our membership but also include open-access activities.


We have several options and opportunities for partnerships and sponsorships. The different options can be found below.
In case of interest or questions, the association can be reached at the following email address: Excalibur@let.ru.nl


You can get a banner with logo on the website under the heading partners. In addition, possible deals are further explained behind the members’ portal.
Historical Institutional Journal (HInT).

Historical Institutional Journal (HInT).

The Historical Institutional Journal, also known as the HInT, is the association magazine published five times a year. The HInT has a circulation of 300 (with the exception of the introductory edition of 150). In addition, the magazine has its own web page which is also accessible to former and non-members.
There are possibilities to advertise in the association magazine. Advertisements can take up a full, half or quarter page. You can opt for an annual contract or a one-time advertisement.

Social Media

The GSV is active on several social media channels where sponsorship options are available! We are active on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn to keep in touch with our current and former members.
Our newsletter is published monthly and is sent to all members and donors. This can include sponsorships such as featuring your company logo or advertisements.