The Travel Committee of the GSV consists of a group of enthusiastic members which like to visit foreign countries and organise amazing trips abroad for their fellow students. During these trips the committee makes sure everything happens correctly and that the travellers have an enjoyable and pleasant experience.

Every year there is a small and a large trip. The Small Trip lasts for one weekend. In previous years we’ve been to Bruges, Frankfurt, Prague and Ghent. The Large Trip is always during Spring Break and lasts for a week. Previous destinations were, among others, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Croatia, Morocco and Georgia.

The Travel Committee is working very hard every year to discover the best spots for our travellers. You can think of city walks, museum visits and, of course, pubs. Besides these Small and Large Trips, we also organise themed travels. We’ve been to Eastern Belgium and France in the light of the Great War, and we’ve been to East-Berlin for a GDR trip.

You can reach us at