Why study at Radboud University?

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Why study History?

Why would you choose to study History at Radboud University? Historians are needed to responsibly research our common history. The study of History at Radboud University is aimed at acquiring knowledge and insight in historical processes, events, groups and individuals. This presents an overview of human history from early Antiquity to the present, and the coherence in this history. In this historical research you apply the acquired knowledge and insights and you deepen this. You learn from a scientific philosophical point of view to reflect on the field, you are incited to think interdisciplinary and you are trained in written and oral communication skills. The acquisition of insight in the functioning of historical knowledge and awareness also belongs to this study.

Comparative European History is an interdisciplinary Bachelor’s programme that teaches European history from a comparative and issue-driven perspective. The programme focuses on a series of fundamental socio-economic, demographic, political and cultural topics that are of great relevance for societies today. Examples of such topics could be migration, inclusion and persecution of minorities, religious fundamentalism, cultural appropriation, failed versus successful cases of state building and societal responses to major crises such as disease control. The consistently comparative approach of this programme offers a valuable opportunity to study historical processes, both within Europe and beyond, that reveal both unique historical developments as well as general patterns of human behaviour and problem resolution.

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