Studenten Geschiedenis Nederland or History Students Netherlands

The board of SGN (which was founded as early as 1936) is composed of delegates, who are all board members of history study associations of the whole of the Netherlands. The SGN-board is an organ that offers consultation and discussion whenever association-related problems arise, in order to help solve them.

Besides the abovementioned, SGN organises the SGN-day, hosted by one of the study associations in their respective city. The last SGN-day (2018-2019) was proudly hosted by UHSK in Utrecht.

The different associations that compose SGN are the following:

Kleio Amsterdam (UvA)

Kleio is the study association for History at the University of Amsterdam. The association was founded in 1929 and forms part of the Faculty of Humanities. Kleio, whose name is devoted to the muse of written history, has more than 600 members, which makes them one of the biggest associations at their faculty. The association is composed of many committees that organise a great variety of activities, under which up to 7 trips. One of the purposes of Kleio is to keep the busy city that is Amsterdam accessible for everybody.

VSGVU Merlijn Amsterdam (VU)

VSGVU Merlijn is the very likeable study association for History at the Vrije Universiteit (Amsterdam). Besides many parties, activities and drinks, they organise many didactive activities.

UHSK (University of Utrecht)

UHSK, or the Utrechtse Historische Studentenkring (Historical Students Circle of Utrecht), is the study association of History in Utrecht. The association was founded in 1926 and is composed of 1400 members. It has 21 committees and hosts about 100 events every year, through which it hopes to contribute socially and educationally. The UHSK-Room lies in the historic centre of Utrecht.

ACE (University of Rotterdam)

In February 1982, the study association for societal history was founded, named the Faculteitsvereniging Maatschappijgeschiedenis Rotterdam. In 1990/1991, Art & Culture studies joined the faculty, which resulted in a ‘new’ united study association by the name of histartes, creating a combination of history and arts. In 2009, the faculty yet again welcomed another new bachelor, namely communication studies, or IBCoM. To make the association more accessible to the new – mostly international – students, it was decided to change the name to International Faculty Association (ACE). At the moment, as the study association of the Erasmus faculty for history, culture and communication, ACE has around 800 members and 12 active committees. These committees organise all of the events during the academic year.   

HSVL (University of Leiden)

The Historische Studievereniging Leiden (HSVL) was founded in 1989 as a cooperation between four historical fraternities. During the year, we organise many activities, parties,  trips, book sales and much more. The HSVL has over 900 members, 11 committees and 6 board members. As part of the oldest university in the Netherlands, we are located in the magnificent Huizinga building. Please feel free to come and drink a famous cup of ‘hokkoffie’ the next time you visit the beautiful city of Leiden.

GHD Ubbo Emmius (University of Groningen)

One of the seven study associations which are a part of SGN, is GHD Ubbo Emmius. The study association for history students in Groningen, currently counting 800 members. Ubo Emmius was the first rector magnificus at the University of Groningen, and since 1936 this association carries his name. Want to know more? Click on the heading!