General Information

GSV Excalibur has more than 650 members in 2018. The growth of our association, which has existed since 1984, has been accompanied by the number of activities that we offer to our members. We do a lot for our members and a lot of members actively participate in organizing these activities. Partially because of the effort of these enthusiastic members who take a seat in different committees, we are able to offer a broad spectrum of activities every week. These vary from social activities such as drinks, pub lectures and a prom, to more educational activities such as a congress, study trips, excursions and readings.

Joining one or more committees is a fun and informative experience of which you can reap the benefits for your entire study. Would you like to join a committee, or would you like to attend a meeting to find out whether it’s something for you? Send a mail to, send us a Facebook message, or personally address a board or committee member! The committees are always happy with members who want to help the association.