Most history students say they chose their study because of their passion for the past or because they thought it was the most enjoyable subject in high school. During their study most of the fun stories drift more towards the background and terms such as ‘ontology’ are used. Unfortunately there are very few people outside of the academic world who are interested in these subjects.

What a lot of people do enjoy, is the past! Whether this is about Romans, medieval knights or World War Two, there is always a large audience. By doing small studies, which lead to exhibitions or small events, the Committee of Public History wants to reach this audience. For history students this committee is informative because you are trained in practical skills such as doing research and collaborating with cultural organisations. The committee is also fun because the students get the chance to present a subject about which they are passionate. For cultural organisations the committee is interesting because we are willing to assist in projects for which there would otherwise be no time. This, however, is always done in consultation and it is not intended that the committee functions as a secondment agency. Are you interested in the committee? Contact us via