Imke van Dijk

Hoi allemaol”, my name is Imke van Dijk and this year I am the chairman of this beautiful purple association! I am 21 years old and I’m from the picturesque village of Erp in Brabant, hence my rather Brabant tongue (according to many GSV’ers). My favorite subject within history is the Vietnam War and the year 1968. In addition, I am mainly involved in cultural and gender history. When I am not studying (read drinking coffee) in the UB, I like to be in a special beer bar with friends, on the korfball field or of course at a GSV activity! You‘re always allowed to knock on my door for a chat about Vietnam, Zanger Kafke and other carnival music, or of course for a cup of coffee in the GSV room during members’ hours! If you can’t find me in the GSV room or the UB, I might be standing behind the bar in the CultuurCafé on campus, shameless self-promotion: the fancy nachos are suuuper tasty! See you soon! Kisses, Dijk


Bram Kuijt

Hey everyone, I’m Bram, the sometimes bitter secretary of the best study association in town. After surviving the second year and its many hard courses, I was finally able to turn 21 last summer and enjoy a relatively easy life as the main administrative force behind the association. As a proud (ex-)inhabitant of the best province this country has to offer (except Frisia), I still feel at home in Nijmegen. You can find me in one of the many bars in the city center, but also in my hometown, the picturesque city of Middelburg. When I’m not enjoying a beer in a bar, you might find me at the (in)famous studentghetto called Hoogeveldt. If you do manage to find me, chances are that I’ll tell you lots about Indonesia and its delicious cuisine. At uni, I can be found at the Cultuur Café, drinking the college and board stress away with a few cheap beers. If beer doesn’t manage to do the job, cats might! When I’m not liking pictures of cats, I might as well be petting one outside.
Forever yours, ‘Seccie’ Bram


Charlotte Peeters

HELLO everyone! Charlotte Peeters hiero. This year I will be the heavy debit card of our beautiful GSV, a.k.a the Treasurer. I’m currently in my third year and I am 21 years old. When I am not working for the GSV, I can be found on the tennis court trying to hit a ball over the net. I can also be found in a museum since I made the good choice of buying a museumcard. Aside from that, I can be found in a pub singing along to any song… or at a drum&bass party. And I eat grass.
Lots of kisses, your Treasurer Charl

General Board Member Internal relations

Sam van Esch

Hoi allemaol, my name is Sam and this year I will be serving you as Internal Affairs! At the moment I’m 22 years old and am finishing up my bachelor on the side. I’m originally from the beautiful Brabant, specifically from Kaatsheuvel (from the Efteling). Just like our favorite chairwoman, I’m often found somewhere on campus (which is what got me during Gotcha), but I can also be found at my friends’ place or in the city for some drinks. I love dancing, I love drinking beer, but I’m allergic to getting EC. If you want to talk to me about any of these things, do you have questions about anything fiction-related, or do you just want to dance with somebody, holler and I’ll come running! See you then!

General Board Member External Relations

Kees van der Horst

Greetings everybody! My name is Kees van der Horst and I am your Extern this year. I’m in my fourth year of our beautiful Bachelor History from which I hope to have graduated by the end of the year. Next to studying and being part of the board I like to spend my free time on sports and music. I play football in the fantastic team FC Meer Pinten Dan Punten and throw my darts at Geen Bull Voor Ogen. I’m also one half of the acoustic duo @snappetband and always looking for new musical projects or a fun jam. Like the rest of our great 38th board I’m always in for a party and a drink, but also for games and discussion about anything. The first month of this year has been amazing, but I hope to make the rest of the year even better with you all! (Oh yeah and I’m from Friesland).

General Board Member Media

Maura Grimeijer

Hoiiii, to me the honour to close the introduction round of the 38th. I am Maura Grimeijer and this year I am taking on the position of General Board Member for Media. Although you wouldn’t say so, with my twenty-two years I’m the oldest and therefore obviously the most mature of the group. I have lived in Nijmegen for more than two years now, but my roots lie in Schagen. However, this does not mean that you will not hear me speak with a Southern Dutch ‘soft g’, as I like to imitate that accent, for which I would like to say sorry in advance (right, Imke). Besides attempts at accents, you can also recognise me by a weird high-pitched sound every now and then. As mentioned before: I am clearly the most mature. I also like to party and be surrounded by friends, which can sometimes get in the way of studying. I am really looking forward to this year, see you soon!