Koen Terheijden

Heyhey GSV’ers, I am Koen your chair in the upcoming association year. I am 22 years old and as a fifth year just started my master’s degree. Although I often claim to be from Brabant, I am originally from Almere. Fortunately, I have been living in beautiful Nijmegen next to the beloved Kronenburgerpark for over two years now. My favorite part of history is the Mediterranean in late antiquity and early medieval times, with a focus on the Eastern Roman Empire. Besides my passion for history, I have been doing athletics for 14 years, which I now do at ‘t Haasje here in Nijmegen. When I am not in history books or jumping over hurdles I prefer to be with friends having a beer (or a whole lot) in the TKB or the culture café, where I also work myself. My favorite GSV activities are those that incorporate movement, such as the Beer Olympics or monkey cages. I also regularly attend parties and borrels (drinks) at the GSV where I sing along with my loud (and regularly false) voice. We are all going to have a great time the coming year. I am already looking forward to it!


Auke van Meer

Hello beautiful people! My name is Auke van Meer, I am 22 years young and this year I have the honor to serve as Secretary of the wonderful study association GSV Excalibur. Born and raised in the oldest and nicest city in the country (Nijmegen) it took little effort for me to decide where to do my studies. In addition to my board year, I am currently completing my Bachelor’s degree in History at Radboud University. In my free time (as much as I have any left) I like to spend time on sports, especially playing (indoor) soccer with my friend’s team FC More Pints Than Points and with SV Orion. When I have time left over outside of that, I like to spend it hanging out with friends, going on outings or reading about gender history and American political history. I’m looking forward to a great year and hope to see you soon at one of our activities (especially the member weekend or member choice activity)!


Fleur Schotman

Moii dear all! My name is Fleur and next year I fulfill within the association the position of Treasurer. I come from the most beautiful village in Overijssel: Wijhe, in beautiful Salland. I am 20 years old and in my second year of History. My main interests within the study are the more socio-economic parts of history, especially everything around the Transatlantic triangle and the colonial era. I am also responsible for the Podcast Committee and the HInT editorial board. You will also find me at various activities, often wearing a beautiful purple polo shirt, where the fun games bring out my fanatical side. At the University you will regularly find me with a cup of coffee from the Spar to get through the day. As treasurer you will hear me often enough about banking, financial things or budgets, all in all: money. You can always come to me with questions! Bye!

General Board Member Internal relations

Rinke Angevaare

Hiii! I’m Rinke Angevaare, 21 years of age and I’m the General Board Member Internal relations for this academic year at the GSV! I’m from Ochten, a fruity village about half an hour away from Nijmegen in the Betuwe. My personality can be divided into mainly three aspects: ‘ABBA’, ‘the Eurovision Song Contest’ and ‘Disney’. Of course, I also pay a lot of attention to History. Just give me a subject from the Early Modern Period till the present that has something to do with Political and Cultural History and i’m interested, add a bit of political philosophy and I’m all set! I also enjoy reading and gaming in my spare time. A day at uni for me mainly consists of studying with a healthy dose of cappuccinos and cups of soup. The rest of the day you can find me in the GSV room, Cultuur Café or in the Refter with an iced coffee in my hand whenever possible! I have already enjoyed all the activities organized by the GSV recently and I am eager to continue enjoying all the activities the coming months!

General Board Member External Relations

Maaike Cabooter

Heyhoi everyone! My name is Maaike Cabooter and I will be the General board Member of External Affairs next year. I am 21 years old and I am originally from the sunny south, namely Venlo (Limburg). You may notice this from my soft “g” and I like to talk about carnival (a lot). I am finishing my bachelor’s degree and I am currently trying to write my thesis. In my spare time I am sometimes sporty by playing hockey and I like to have an (alcohol-free) drink with friends and have a nice meal together. Of course I also like history, and mainly cultural history of the Early Modern period which also includes a little gender. Favorite activities of the GSV are still the gala and the trips (after all, I didn’t become the extern for nothing). I’m really looking forward to the upcoming GSV year!

General Board Member Media

Tobias de Geest

Hey all, I’m Tobias de Geest and I’m the benjamin of the club with my 19 years of life experience. I am, as you may have noticed, an energetic guy who at times needs to learn to take his rest. Furthermore, I can occasionally be found in beautiful Zwolle, where I go for my mom and dad, grandpa and grandma and for PEC Zwolle. I like sports, pilsen and social contact. If you feel like a chat you can definitely come to me. I am really looking forward to the coming year especially because the first few months have been great!!! See you soon 🙂