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GSV Excalibur

Welcome to the website of GSV Excalibur. GSV Excalibur stands for ‘Geschiedenis Studenten Vereniging Excalibur’ which is the student association for the study of History at Radboud University. The association organises both additions to the study program and leisurely activities. In this way, GSV Excalibur has a lot to offer to students of history at the Radboud University.



Internal structures of the association

As the GSV is a big association, with over 600 members of whom 90 are active in committees, here you can find a dropdown menu of the internal structures of the GSV. Click on the different organs for more information.

The most important organs of the association are the general members assembly and the board. The board holds responsibility for the daily direction of the association, for which it is held accountable by the general member assembly. For more information regarding this structure: please see the statutes and the document of internal regulations of our association.

Active members can partake in one or more of the 17 committees that the GSV offers. Furthermore, the association engages in external partnerships with organisations like SGN, SOFv and LETO.