Merchandise – GSV Excalibur


Dionne and Jordi are wearing a grey sweater with the vintage-GSV sword logo on the front and further nothing on the back. The sweater goes for 22,50€!
Sam is wearing a black jacket with a GSV logo at the back! The jacket goes for 30€!
Nicolette is wearing a purple hoodie. The hoodie has the vitage-GSV sword logo on the front, and the GSV logo at the back. She bought it for 25€!

You can buy the merch by mailing with the amount, the size and the color of the item and the payment receipt. You have to book the prize of the item over to the GSV account (NL37RABO0135828392) with MERCH COLOUR NAME in the description.

Small tip: like every year, merch tends to be on the big side. We recommend you command a size smaller.