Door Nicolette Oosterom

The first weekend of November, a group of GSV’ers went on a bus ride to Esch-Sur-Alzette, a village near Luxembourg City, which the city we actually came for. The GSV would not be the GSV if they did not go out into the city to discover the nightlife of Esch-Sur-Alzette. Rather than discovering the nightlife, we had to look if we could find any nightlife at all. The GSV-ers finally found a club that asked five euros for one single bottle of beer. Despite that disappointment, it was a good night and everyone was looking forward to discovering if the nights (and days) in Luxembourg City would be better.

The next day, the group woke up in the hostel next to the train station, where they took a direct train to Luxembourg City. The group started the day with a walk through the hilly part of this pretty city. The Travelcommittee informed us about the beautiful and sometimes weird buildings we were passing. Because we were on a hill, the view over Luxembourg was great, and a lot of pictures were taken. After this walk through the northern part of Luxembourg, the travelers went to the city centre where they saw the Grand Ducal Palace, at which some of them would make special memories later on.

When the walk through the city centre was finished as well, one of the members of the Travelcommittee had planned to play a game in the middle of the city. In this game, the players had to make as much money as possible with the goods they could sell to the members of the committee. They had to do that as fast as they could and in the meantime they had to stay away from the two robbers. These robbers wanted to steal their money and had to pull out their yellow vests, because some people thought they were protesting.

When the game was over and the winning team for some reason had more than three times as much money as the runner-up, the group splitted up to find a place to have dinner. Because of the rain, most restaurants were out of empty seats, but finally everyone got something to eat and a place to sit down before going back to Esch-Sur-Alzette to prepare for the night.

For many travellers, this preparation consisted of (drinking) games and meeting other travelers. At the time most of them were kind of tipsy and some of them already went to their beds. The biggest part of the group went on the train to Luxembourg City again. When they left the train, to the satisfaction of other passengers, they went for a cosy pub in the city centre. After a while, the group did not like this pub anymore so they went to another one before trying to get on the last train back, in which most of them succeeded, but some of them unfortunately did not. In the end, everyone did reach the hostel, so they could have a few hours of sleep before the sun did rise and made the Sunday, the last day of the trip, begin.

This Sunday started with another walk through a cold and rainy Luxembourg City. The walk of Saturday was a walk around the city, so the walk of Sunday was a lot closer to the centre with stops by some monuments, churches and museums. The centre of Luxembourg City includes some very interesting museums, so almost all travelers went out to visit a museum after the second and last walk was finished. When the different museums were visited and everybody got tired, the group took the train one last time and said goodbye to Luxembourg City. In Esch-Sur-Alzette everybody collected their luggage, boarded the bus and fell asleep until the bus stopped at McDonald’s in Maastricht. There the group had a short break, before continuing to Nijmegen, filled with good memories of Luxembourg.

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